Item Kits

NISA has a feature to bundle items together. These bundles are called kits.


  • A kit can have multiple non-kit items within it. However, it cannot have another kit item within it.
  • A kit does not have cost attached to directly it. The cost of kit is the sum of costs of all its child items.
  • When a kit is invoiced, all the items within the kit gets removed from the inventory.

Use Cases

  • You can bundle two items to sell at a discount.
    • Example: Item A is priced at 50. Item B is priced at 60. When sold individually they are valued at 110. You can bundle the, and make a kit with A and B inside it to sell it at 100. Bundling products together is a great tool to increase sales.

How to Create a Kit

  • Creating a kit is just like creating any other item. Go to items > new.
  • Click the checkbox against – ‘Is this item a Kit?’
  • Important: Once an item is marked as kit and saved, you will not be able to edit it to make it a non-kit item.
Item Screen. Kit Option Screenshot.

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