NISA Business Management Solutions

A smart and powerful tool to run your business. One platform to manage your customers, inventory, drive sales and perform day-to-day operations.

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The Core

A robust double-entry accounting system is NISA’s core.

We have built NISA with an objective to simplify the most complicated part of your business – finances. At its core, NISA has a powerful double-entry accounting engine. This ensures that at any given time, we have the answer to your following questions:

How much did I spend?

How much did I make?


You can send invoices and quotations through a secure link to your customers via WhatsApp. They can view the document and make payment.

Item Kits

You can create kits/packages/bundles with multiple items in them. An example would be a bundle of two products at a discounted price.


Loyalty features are inbuilt. Customers can earn points when they make a purchase. You can decide the number of points earned and redeemed.


Integrate Stripe payment gateway to receive payments from customers via cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.


Access anywhere any time any number of users

NISA is not one of those systems that you have to keep paying for. Pay one time and get a lifetime license. This software is meant to save you money, not spend it all on us.

You, the business owner, and your staff can access the software anywhere anytime.

We don’t hold you hostage with random limits.

Why choose us?

We have made it very simple

We built NISA with ease-of-use in mind. We want our users to do and find what they want with minimum clicks and complications.

We built features that matter

NISA is minimalistic in nature. We don’t have tons of features that you never use. We have covered all the essentials. And that is it.

Should you need help, we’re here

When you need help, we are here to help you. That would be real human support. And not chatting with computer bots.

Pay one time. Get what you pay for

NISA is not a subscription model solution. You don’t have to pay us monthly. You pay for a license and own it. The hosting however needs to be paid (not to us, to any hosting company you choose).

Would you like to try out the software?

Here is demo access for you!


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